Assistant Brewer

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Terre Haute Brewing Company is looking for someone with previous brewing experience to take on the role of assistant brewer. Someone energetic that can set a positive example and be creative in a growing production facility would be ideal.  Some of the responsibilities will include:

1. Be the first to arrive at the brewery, disable alarm system, turn on lights and open doors as needed.

2. Receive deliveries, sometimes operating forklift to unload freight

3. Document materials received

4. Complete daily reading sheet

5. Operate the steam boiler

6. Take level readings on the serving tanks

7. Monitor sugar decrease in fermenters

8. Monitor pressure build up in fermenters

9. Monitor pressure of brite tank

10. Monitor quality and temperature of fermenting beers.

11. Monitor quality, flavor and carbonation of serving beers.

12. Transfer finished beer from into bright beer tank when beer is aged enough in the fermenter.

13. Keg off the beer in the bright beer tank when inventory in cooler is low or another beer needs moved out of fermenter.

14. Mill grain the day prior to brewing.

15. Sweep floor under grain rack

16. Document daily activities on Daily Operation Report

17. Leave the brewery clean and presentable.

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