Floor Manager

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we're a community beer company. we brew european-style beers in illinois. we give half our profits to charity.

Looking for a manager to manage our floor several days/week. The position can be part-time or full-time. If full time, we can offer health care after a designated amount of time passes. We’re open to part-time work + service work if a candidate prefers.
We’re a brewery first and foremost. We brew weird, wonderful beers for adventurous palates. And we let that playfulness infect everything we do on the food side: we ferment foods; change our menu every few days depending on the ingredients that farms have availble; experiment with twice daily staff meal; etc. We mostly make pizza at night, but we also bake bread daily.
We have leaders, but zero hierachy: everyone has a say; everyone chimes in on menu development; service plans; sidework sheets; etc.
We’re building an alternative restaurant. We value hard work, and humane treatment, over everything else. Come break some boundaries with us!

Compensation details

health care benefits depending on hours worked; 401K in time;

Required Skills

Beer Knowledge

Conflict Resolution

Experience in a High Volume Environment

POS Systems

Staff Management of 20

To apply for this job please visit culinaryagents.com.